Rationalization, smashionalization

And the moment you've all been waiting for... the winners of the NWT Blogging Awards!! Our panel of judges (Kennie, Clare, TB, Jen, Tina, Kara and myself) have been working like crazy monkeys over the weekend, electronically battling it out for our favourite NWT blogs. Nothing was going to stop us this time. Blizzards, power outages, viral infections and fetuses arriving ahead of schedule were no match for the determination that burned inside the judging panel (no, not as a result of the viral infections, yeesh guys).

So without further ado (what IS an ado anyways....) I give you the WHYs behind our winners.


First, I give you the NWT's BEST BLOG(s)

Thoughts and praise for Reflections in the Snow-Covered Hills

Megan has a wonderful variety of postings. Her posts are easily read and very witty at times. She is the modal blogger, posting frequently”

“She never seems to take herself too seriously and you never know what you are going to see up there from day to day. Never a boring read.”

Every post is like a box of chocolates - you just never know what you are gonna get. Always a good read.”

Granted, the fixation on The Hoff is deeply disturbing, but Megan is funny, controversal and never shy from backing down from a fight if someone wants to be starting something with her. The fact that she's a top notch and engaging writer certainly helps.”

Reflections in the snow covered hills is very consistent in both its delivery and its posting. Certainly the best written of the bunch it is blog out of the top 7 that I most consistently visit. Combines humour, incorporates video, responds to its readers.”

Thoughts and praise from the judges for Alex Up North:

He cracks me up with his humor and witt.”

Alex is terribly amusing. A lot of the content is about living in the north”

Alex is Up North is the most humourous of the bunch. It is an enjoyable read that also takes us into the writer's world with in the NWT (probably the most local content of all the nominated blogs). Could post more often for my taste.”

Posts that make me laugh, just wish he would post more often! I like a good sense of humour.”

Alex is just hilarious - blog is multi sided, photography, comments, thoughts.”

“The writing isn't bad, although a touch too meandery. He also needs to update more often. This is more of a friends and family blog than one that will attract a larger readership.”

Thoughts and praise from the judges for the Failed Mommies Club

Personal writing and talking about your family can be a delicate minefield to navigate. It can get boring and navel-gazing in a hurry, so that only family and very close friends would have even a passing interest. But the writing is good and there are clever takes on every day things that keep things engaging.”

A parenting blog that doesn't take parenting itself too seriously. I like the tone of the postings, though admittedly, I'm a new reader. I like how it sometimes interweaves with the Snowcovered Hills blog.”


Thoughts and praise from the judges on Getting over my Heterophobia

Great post; very thought provoking and can be applied to a variety of circumstances here in the North that many of us face”

Solid writing about things working out differently than expected. It's a pity he doesn't appear to have done more writing. I'd like to read it.”

This post makes me want to get to know its writer. I notice he hasn't posted again, here's hoping our comments encoruage that!”

I feel the same way about the north sometimes being small and charming and nonjudgmental...at times anyways...lol I think we have all been discriminated against up north at one point or another. But that most people are brought together in a similar situation and forced to forget any previous labels they might have had while living in the south.”

A well written post that made me think about stereotypes and acceptance in the north.”

Quite a thoughtful read. I was surprised to learn that Yellowknife is a tolerant place. Well thought out, and written. Fairly recent blog, only two posts. Again possibly too esoteric for a larger audience but who knows.”

Thoughts and praise from the judges on The Sunshine Club

I was just happy to see that there are good people out there who do good things expecting nothing for themselves in return. Inspiring!”

Very nice combination of personal story and philanthropy. Reads well.”

Thoughts and praise from the judges on Death and Dying

I just couldn't stop laughing while reading this post.”

“Having my own small rodent pets dying story, I can appreciate a good one, which this one is.”

This is exactly why I like this blog. It looks at parenting from a realistic and humourous perspective.”


Megan January 5, 2009 at 11:06 PM  

What fun! Thanks so much for being part of the contest.