The torture continues....

I went to bed last night with the following parting words bouncing around inside my head:

"Looks like the blizzard's spilling over to Thursday now"


And BECAUSE the weathercentre (the Federal environment weather service) essentially stops forecasting at about 3pm, I had to wait for this morning to check if it was true.

So instead, I spend the evening reading... INSURANCE POLICIES!!! Yep, I'm a wild one!

Because I'm a neurotic fool, I actually purchased TWO SEPARATE travel insurance policies for my trip: One because the Air Miles service agent basically bullied me into it

(Her: "What if your flight get cancelled... that's an expensive flight to replace"
Me: "I know, but I want to book the rest of my trip before I buy insurance."
Me: (cowering) "Yes ma'am")

And the other because ... well... better safe than sorry (and I had the sneaking suspicion that if my Air Miles flight was delayed, I would be screwed for the non-airmiles portion - - and I was right).

So after passing out with my Travelcuts insurance policy clutched tight within a death grip in my meaty little hands...

I wake up to the following prediction on Weather Centre:

The blizzard will last well into Wednesday in most locations. The worst of the blizzard conditions will continue through today and into tonight with some slight improvement possible through the day Wednesday.

Near zero visibilities, winds of 50 to 60 gusting up to 90 km/h, and bitterly cold wind chills for most areas. Winds will slowly ease overnight and through the day Wednesday.

HORRAY!!!! There IS a blizzard god!!!!

Okay, I'm going back to bed. Waking up at 6:30 just to read a weather forecast is ridiculous. It doesn't even look like we're going to work today (again), haha.

Peace OUT!

(Oh, and Happy Birthday, Robyn! Enjoy your quarter-life-crisis... 25 is ANCIENT!)


Robyn January 13, 2009 at 1:22 PM  

Thanks Jackie! And I know... I'm practically a fossil. They'll be digging me up next to the t-rex bones... (I, too, have a very large head, and very little arms).

Keeping my fingers crossed for you re: blizzarding!