Is it bad that I spent the past hour anxiously refreshing Clare's personal and Nunavut Blogs sites... because I snooped around and discovered that he's be posting the TOP FIVE AT OR NEAR 11:50.

Gawd, I'm a stalker.

PS, Me and my ramblings** made it to the second round of voting. Thank you guys all so much for nominating me. I wasn't joking when I said there would be stiff competition. And that competiton has only begun. I don't pretend to have the photographic talent, singing voice, readership or uncanny ability to piss off the door gods like my "competitors" do... but I guess I do something you like. Thanks for stickin' around, guys :)
* Stolen from email conversations with Megan and Laura this eve
**Jackie cowers in the corner so Megan won't punch her for bad grammar


Danielle Sharkey January 15, 2009 at 1:04 PM  

I creeped on Laura's blog. She's kinda funny.

(is it still creeping if its on a blog? or is that only a facebook thing. oh woe is me. the world of networking is confusing)

And why when you put my name in, do you not let people zoom over to my vietnam blog? because you should.
xo its getting cold down here. its mean. keep your cold stuff where you are.

Jackie S. Quire January 15, 2009 at 2:27 PM  

Yah, she is "kinda funny" and I get to meet her TOMORROW! Isn't that cool?

And I promise to let people zoom over to your blog next time I write your name, promise :D


And dude, it is SO -50 today, so take THAT. And TWO DAYS FROM NOW I'LL BE IN +30 WOOOHOOO Jealous? I think so.

(And yes, you can call it creeping. Cuz you are creepy and I can smell your face from here :P)

Also, your comment made me burst out laughing this morning. Kudos.