Coffee snob

I bow down to the power of the mighty espresso machine.

Yes, I FINALLY bought one. I got it at the Walmart in Charlottetown, and it is a total dream come true.

And it may or may not sit in a little Mr.Coffee shrine in my kitchen.


When I was home over the holidays I maybe averaged three coffees a week. No, maybe less than that.... because I was sick.

But even before that, it is safe to say I was never really a coffee-a-day person. But all that has changed now.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a five-cups-a-day gal.

The only time I have ever been close to that is when I was working the "job from hell" 20 hrs a week, going to school full time and spending 15 hours a week on the bus. Oh, and none of that on the weekend. Man, I was consuming coffee like it was going out of style.

I was also the most spastic person of all time. It was disgusting.

For now, I'm happy to chill with my morning latte... that gives me that little kick in the pants I need, to get me going in the morning.