Ho-hum, it's a blizzard

Well, it's a blizzard day again.

Sometimes it's a little disgusting how many blizzards we get whizzing through Rankin.

Since I got back from vacation I don't think a week has gone by where there wasn't at least ONE day that I had to stay home because of the blizzard.

And it's not like I'm being a wimp, and don't want to go out into the cold. It just isn't SAFE to leave the house. I'm not exaggerating at this point (lord knows I've developed a reputation for doing so, eh Mom?) but the houses across the street (and we are talking a small street, maybe 50 feet away) are barely visible. The wind is blowing at 65km/h and the gusts are over 85.

I never really thought about the wind before I moved up here. It was never the "selling point" of a storm day down south. Back home it was always how much snow was on the ground, and if we could clear it away fast enough.

I also happen to live in "Area 6"... which is at the far end of town, and on the other side of "the bay" (note to self, upload map of Rankin at some point...). Visibility always tends to be worst out here. And, as I am sure y'all are tired of hearing... it is also a good 20 minute walk to work from my house. Pleanty of time to get turned around and end up in Yellowknife.


Rob & Tina January 31, 2008 at 8:00 PM  

Well before you end up in Yellowknife turn left at the sign you'll hit that says Fort Rae, let the wind push you straight and you'll eventually hit our gas bar, feel along to the far right side of the gas bar and let the wind blow you into the side of my house! I'll be listening for the "thunk" and the "holy sh*t Tina was right!"