Yah, okay.
So I generally consider myself a relatively intelligent human being. Generally.
But it looks like I've been a little bit "slow on the uptake" of late, and my blogger buddies have been quick to school me. :P

So. For all those curious..... below are responses to some of my "wonder why" questions from the past couple days.

Some were on Facebook, so I decided to re-post them.

1.) From Elizabeth re: my moon rise/set post:

Yahoo Answers, of all places, has a great explanation for what happens to the moon in northern latitudes. Basically, it tells you that moonrises and moonsets depend on latitude, just like sunrises and sunsets.

Also, bear in mind that moonrise and moonset depend on how close the moon is to the sun (from our perspective). The moon is farthest away from the sun during "full moon" phase, and so it rises and sets at the opposite times to the sun (rises at sunset, sinks at sunrise). The moon is closest to the sun at "new moon", so it rises and sets at almost the same time as the sun then. (To look at it another way, solar eclipses always happen at new moon because the moon and the sun are close enough to cross paths in the sky.)

2.) From Kevin re: the same thing....

For some reason, I have a strange feeling that the moon and the sun aren't programmed to play 'hide and go seek' (or 'cat and mouse', if you will) with each other. Otherwise, there'd never be solar/lunar eclipses...
*Note to self: A solar book for Jackie for next Christmas.

3.) From Elizabeth re: my worries about bouncy airplane wings

It's good that the plane wings wiggle (but only slightly). To look at it another way -- seismic engineers often design bridges and buildings to "give" a little bit when an earthquake hits, because it's better to control how the earthquake goes through the building than to totally resist it. Same principle with the airplane wings and air.

(That'll teach me to have a family member in the aviation industry . . . :) )

4.) From Jen re: the same thing...

Wings, better to wiggle, then snap right off...lol. If the steel can't move, then it will just snap under pressure. :)

For the record, they can move all they want. As long as I don't have to see it :P


Shelagh January 9, 2008 at 12:44 PM  

"For the record, they can move all they want. As long as I don't have to see it :P"

Amen to that... I did a series of puddle jumps through the interior of B.C. and I have to say I would have been much happier if the plane didn't have windows. The wings were wiggling, there was smoke/steam/vapor/something scary coming off the wings...

Maybe there should be a brochure on the planes that contains a list of "Things that look bad but are actually good"... like hummus.