Vocal woes

I, for some strange reason, got the notion to start reading out loud from the french wikipedia's entry on Pas-de-Calais.

I then moved on to the bald eagle.

Now my throat hurts, because I'm pretty sure I've not exercised my "french r" sound for several months.

Initially Sully was intrigued by the strange noises coming out of my mouth. But then decided he didn't like them, and started barking at me to stop. Literally.

Being as it is 3 am (espresso at 9pm was NOT a good idea) and his barking is not likely to be appreciated -- and my throat is sore from saying all those unfamiliar vowel sounds-- I have given up my french-speaking for the evening/morning.

Maybe tomorrow I'll start reciting the Green Gables french "house talk" (parkie slang for guided tour)...

"Bonjour, et bienvenu a la maison de pignons vertes... partie de la parc nationale d'ile du prince edouard..."