Broccoli and Cauliflower heaven

Ever since I moved up here, I've had this craving.

Not an all-consuming-if-I-don't-get-some-right-now kind of craving. But a man-I-miss-such-and-such-it-is-so-tasty kind of craving.

A craving for the broccoli/cauliflower/cheese concoction that I used to get every now and then from The Commensal in Quebec City.

Back in the days when I worked at the CBC in QC (hey! that rhymes if you say it in your head! The letters, not the whole sentence, I mean.) I rarely went home for lunch. For a couple reasons.

First: very few people there actually TOOK a lunch break, so I felt like a slacker. (I've now learned the error of my ways).

Second: I lived at the top of a VERY STEEP HILL and was too lazy to go up it more than once a day (I had to get home SOMETIME)

Third: Within 30 seconds walking distance from work was a: Subway, Intermarche (grocery store), The Commensal, and many other tasty places to buy lunch.

I was introduced to The Commensal by a co-worker who is a reformed vegetarian. I wouldn't go there all the time... it was too expensive. While they made some amazing desserts, and rice dishes, and amazing salads... they charged by the weight of the meal. And that can get pricey.

AAAAAANYWAYS. My point is that probably my favourite dish at The Commensal was this broccoli/cauliflower/cheese concoction. I've been meaning to make it for quite some time now, but of all the things I can easily get in the north... cauliflower is not one of them.

But Cantor's has cauliflower on sale this week. Sounds like it's time to make a food mail order....


Kate Nova November 13, 2008 at 11:30 AM  

They have this weird cauliflower here at Nmart, which may or may not be some kind of cauliflower-hybrid, and it's bright green. I keep forgetting to actually figure out what it is.

Jackie S. Quire November 13, 2008 at 11:41 AM  

I know what that is! It's a brocco-flower. Does it look like this: