Welcome, new readers!

I've been spending more time than usual on Statcounter the past day or so.
Probably because it's fun watching all you new visitors stop by, peruse my site, then flitter off again (hopefully, a few of you might come back!).

Most of you have probably come via the CBC Spark website - - and I'm glad to have you.

But first, a couple pieces of advice.

  • If you are curious who you are reading about, and where she lives, and what it's like there, I'd recommend clicking on the About tab on the top right hand corner (underneath "search").
  • If you are 'researching' for Spark's 'How much did THAT cost at the Northern' contest, check out a previous contest I held here a month or so ago. The results can be found here.
  • You can see my most recent posts on the yellow stickie note over there to the right, and posts from of past months can be read through the Archive tab, beside the About tabby I mentioned earlier.
And as always, thanks for stopping by. Hope you come back again sometime soon... and comments are always welcome!!

Happy reading....