At the request of many... and several months late

So I started writing this up the week I did my oh-so-depressing "I hate" list. I didn't want to be such a Negative Nancy ... but never got around to finishing it. So better late than never, here's my "I love" list:

I love nectarines that are as tasty on the inside as they look on the outside.
I love jalepano soup - one of the boy's many specialties

I love the smell and sound of a heavy downpour.
I love the crisp smell that means winter is coming (though not necessarily winter itself!)
I love early morning beach walks...
And fresh bakery goods.

I love my puppy - and his strange "running my entire body along the carpet to wipe something off my face" habits

I love mail - especially when it's not bills.
I love online shopping (but it's an expensive habit *ug)

I love going ultra fast on Honda trails.
I love that it only costs 15 bucks to fill up the tank of an ATV.
I love catching fish.
(And I suspect) I love my new skidoo (even though it's still stuck in its crate)

I love Birkenstock sandals. Pretty sure there is no need for any other kind of shoe.

I love the colour green.
I love the smell of grass (and I miss it)

I love farmer's markets.
I love stores with lots of different cheeses.
And breads.

I love red wine. And Pinot Grigio. Mmm.

I love dark chocolate desserts, especially if they come with raspberry coulis on the side.

I love sliding into 2nd/3rd/home and being SAFE - even if it means cutting up my shins!

I love laughing so hard I can't breathe... and miss the days when this was on a weekly basis (miss you, Robyn, Andrea)

I love swimming, I love waterslides, I love the ocean, I love the way salt water sticks on my hair, and makes it all wavy when it dries.

I love my (former) fire-engine-red hair and cute little bob cut (wish I could maintain it up here!)

I love my North Face winter boots, I love my new wind pants (that go all the way up to my chest, yummie warmth!)
I love those little jean-coloured patch things that you iron on to mend a hole in your fave pants.

I love my PLTA (paid leave travel assistance) for padding my bank account balance.
I love HAVING a bank account balance (even though it's not much to speak of)
I love Canada Savings Bonds (because they hide my money from me)

I love cocooning in the blanket I stole off the spare room's bed - yes that ugly cream/yellow/butterscotch-coloured thing. It's so old that the cotton has become downy-soft, and the plastic threads are coming loose.

I love patchwork quilts.

I love school supplies (but since I don't go to school any more, I just love new pens, paper, hilighters, agendas, notebooks etc.)

I love being a radio journalist. I love mixing sound. I love talking into a microphone. I love people hearing my first name and then KNOWING what my last name is because they've heard it on the radio and it stuck in their head.

I love my name.

I love my blog readers, I love my blog.

I love my parents.
I love my friends.
And I love the boy (awwwww *puke)

The end.


Robyn November 5, 2008 at 5:56 PM  

You know what's ironic? I was just thinking today of making an "I miss..." list and posting it to my blog. In fact, I composed it on the walk to school and during my morning GIS lecture. I decided not to post it though, because it would only make my mom worry lol. And plus, if I posted it now you'd only say that I was "plagiarising your list blogging", when in fact its' just because we're the same person. Obvi.

And PS: "I'm not a mushy person, we're not a mushy couple!" Um, suuuuuure *puke* :P