All worked out

So I dropped off the face of the earth this weekend, in case anyone was curious, or wondering, or concerned or any other kind of wonderful, caring emotion.

Not for any really good particular reason... except that I was stressing out again, and figured the best way to deal with it was to not be home at all. Poor puppy.

But my Friday was just so stressful (I didn't stop from the moment I got in at nine to find one of my interviewees waiting for me...until I left in a panic at five because I was late for helping out with curling registration. I went straight from registration to Nat's for Bingo (when finally, I could relax a little) and good times were had.

Went for the inaugaural snowmobile drive on Saturday afternoon.
Things that rocked:

  • heated handlebars and throttle
  • going 80km/h over the lake ice
  • not dying when the skidoo hit a really slippery piece of ice, and nearly tipped over (don't worry mom, I am alive, and was wearing a helmet)
  • watching the sun set behind the snowy tundra on my right hand side (purple skies... so beautiful) and on my left, seeing the moon high in the navy blue sky.
  • "smart wool" socks that I borrowed from Nat.
  • being toasty warm for the first 3/4 of the trip (but kind of chilly for the last quarter... and then it took me a good hour to defrost - but I'm a slow thaw-er)
  • NOT GETTING STUCK EVEN ONE TIME - this is an accomplishment for me, more on this later in the week
I basically wasted the whole weekend away, because I knew I had to have a no-nonsense day of Spark-ing on Sunday.

Today I started work at 10 and finished up at 7. No breaks, except to go over to Sarah's to interview her. It was intense. I was uber productive. But it was pretty steady going. At one point I thought I was going to have a panic attack, because I couldn't figure out how I was going to start the bloody thing, or the direction I was going....

So I headed to the office. Amazing how much easier it is to tell a story when you have more than one, really bad, interview in the bag.

I actually spent the better part of the afternoon talking/listening to Jen of Nunavut. She was one of the many of you to have volunteered to be part of the story. She did a great job, and totally saved my ass.

I meant to write this earlier, but I wanted to thank all you guys again for volunteering to be interviewed. Since I wrote that plea, we narrowed down the scope a bit, to JUST Nunavut - which is totally fair. I don't know anything ABOUT any of the other territories. Also, the interviews were basically just about online banking and online shopping.

So thanks again everyone for offering up your stories! I won't say anything just yet, but there is a chance I'll be doing an encore on Spark, so maybe we'll talk then!

So between the stressful Friday, and the busy Sunday, I'm certainly looking forward to the day off on Tuesday. Granted, it's not REALLY a day off... I'll be heading down to the legion, hopefully, for the Rememberance Day ceremony... but I'll be able to catch up on those zzz's and relax in the afternoon.

I would really like to do some reading.