Fun with search engines

Normally my search queries are pretty boring. A lot of "Jackie S.* Rankin Inlet" ... normally a couple snowcone references, and for some reason a lot of traffic from an aerobics graphic I used back last year...

But when I checked my search queries today on my statcounter, I came up with a couple interesting ones.


Num Perc. Search Term
12 48.00% jackie "s*" rankin inlet
2 8.00% twitter blogger
2 8.00% rankin inlet
1 4.00% corgi sheltie mix
1 4.00% 450-627-7999
1 4.00% rankin inlet blog
1 4.00% midnight sun midi
1 4.00% newfoundland dog fur hat**
1 4.00% the transient life in canada
1 4.00% its not a toomah***
1 4.00% nunavut mines
1 4.00% no wood in my penis****
25 100.00%

* Changed to protect the iron-clad secret identity of the blogger
** Ew. Poor puppies.
*** Robyn? Andrea? Are you searing for toomahs on my blog?
**** I can only imagine how disappointed this person was in my "Wood" post. *Shudder. Oh, and I just clicked on the "more information" on this person: poor sucker's from India. I don't think he found what he was looking for.