The following two entries are about me moping.

If you aren't into twenty-something angst, feel free to skip over them.

However, I made the conscious decision to write about the awe-some and not-so-awesome parts of my moving up north.. and everything in-between. And today happens to be one of the less-frequent, not-so-great times.

C'est la vie.

I have, from the beginning, thought of this blog as equal parts a way for friends and family (new and old) to stay in touch/find out what I'm up to... and a memoir/reflection of sorts of my time up north.

And I think that part of looking back on this experience in the years to come is getting a full reflection.

Et voila. You have been warned.


Jen October 17, 2007 at 1:17 AM  

Um hello, complaining about something makes a much juicer read! Not that I like hearing about your rough time, but it can't be all sunshine and puppy dogs...or maybe it can! You will just have to wait for dark season to be over and get yourself a puppy!
P.S we have nasty leather couches in our place too! BOO! But they are comfy!