Stilettos and Starbucks

I was reading Jen's post about things she misses from the south, and it really struck a chord with me. I was thinking the exact same thing the other day. Granted I'm far from homesick/southsick yet... I'm still caught up with the wonders of the north (including walking to work in gale-force winds this morning) but I was thinking the two things I would likely miss most were:

  1. Pretty shoes
  2. REAL coffee (and by that I mean any espresso-infused beverage a la Starbucks, Second Cup, Van Houtte... any barrista experience, really)

It's funny though.

I think back to last summer, and how it was a total immersion process, with different foods, different accents (and to an extent) a different language.... and the only things I really pined for were lemonaid and KD.

Here's it's almost like the things I miss ... or anticipate missing... up here are experiences. Not foods. I can still get the same foods I always did. They may not be as fresh, or as flavorful... and you bet they are going to be more expensive... but that's the same. It's the feeling tall in my pretty black shoes... and the velvety taste of an espresso drink as it punches me in the face.

Really, it's not that big of a deal. I can wear my little black shoes around my apartment (so what if my downstairs neighbours hate me?) and I can buy an espresso machine and coffee grinder.

It just strikes me as a little funny... if not ironic... that the two things I miss ... or crave... are two things I picked up last summer, while pining for something else.