Ok, Enough is enough.

Even I know when to set my limits.
I have too many computers.
Way too many.
I'm extremely glad I sent the laptop that doesn't work home with Dad, because otherwise I'd have THREE. Nope, not THREE computers. THREE laptops.

  1. Broken craptacular laptop
  2. Beautiful swanky tablet laptop (that is my baby and which I named Tabitha... haha get it?)
  3. Slightly larger CBC laptop (that I am somewhat annoyed that I have to use, because it is heavier than my baby Tabitha, and why can't I just operate Dalet and Inews off of her?
Then there's...
  1. Tried and true, very reliable, Chester - my desktop that is currently en route to Rankin. Totally worth it. Love that computer
  2. Work computer, yet to name, yet to experience.
How crazy is that. I mean, grah. How can I possibly hope to stay organized when there is so many systems to bounce around between? I guess I'm just annoyed at this whole new laptop thing. I don't regret buying mine, but I do think it's stupid that I have to use theirs. I even tried dropping hints to the tech guy ... in hopes he might say "Hey, you know what, it's pretty stupid to have you work on our laptop when you already have one..." but no dice.

I know I shouldn't be complaining... maybe I'm just entering my minimalist phase. The one where I sigh and go "I have too much STUFF" and purge it all (which is a total lie right now, because I am currently living out of a medium-sized suitcase.... everything else is in possession-purgatory somewhere between Quebec City and Rankin.)