Moving is hard

So I've arrived, but to little fanfare.

I was sooo ready to arrive, and now that I have, it seems just a tad anti-climatic.

My apartment is HUGE, I will post pictures in due course. It's got more closets then any one person could possibly need.... everywhere I look there are more and more closets. Which is pretty cool. I also have my own personal store room, and deep freeze. Hello buying in bulk!!!!
The only thing is.... I believe it was decorated with a single, 40-year-old cat lady in mind.
Not that there are actually any cat-evidence to be seen... it just fits into my idea of who they decorated for.

Actually that's not fair. It's just not very "me" yet. But I will fix that, I'm determined. I just HAVE to get rid of this pink/purple reeds and lilypads border that snakes its way around my apartment.

Oh, and the mallard-art in my living room.

But I have a sweet sofa and armchair. They are dark maroon, almost brown (I think the colour is called ox-blood?) leather. And they are soooo comfy.

But I don't have cable yet, so they won't be thoroughly enjoyed for awhile.

How does one get cable up north anyways? I tried searching "rankin inlet + cable" into Google to no success. Hints?

I really can't wait for my stuff to arrive. Rumor has it, that should be this week. I've already re-arranged the spare room, and decided it will double as my "office/study" (oo lala)

Not sure what I will do with my dining room table/chairs. The ones that are here kind of go with the other furniture (but then again, they don't really go with "ME" so maybe I'll switch them ujp all the same.

I am currently waiting to figure out if my co-worker is coming to rescue me/take me grocery shopping. I think maybe I got the message mixed up, because I thought she said she was coming to check up on me... but its been a couple hours, and I got the impression she'd be here in like an hour from when I arrived. Meh, I give it another 10 mintues, and I'm going out to the North Mart.

Oh, and Tina, I tried to take a pic of the North Mart in Iqaluit, on my way out, but the pictures suck (I think, I was in a very dirty car at the time...). But "Kate Nova" lives in Iqaluit, and takes GREAT photos. You might want to enlist her help.

Peace out.


Anonymous October 15, 2007 at 6:56 PM  

GREAT to hear you got moved ....a wee bit of routine in your life now will be gratefully appreciated,I am sure ..I check your blogs everyday.......

Hugs from PEI