Ms. Martha

Been oddly domestic this weekend.

It all started yesterday, when by 8pm I had already seen all the episodes of What Not To Wear and Say Yes to the Dress I could handle (in other words... they had started repeating the episodes they'd already played that evening...). I don't know what came over me, but I was like "I'm going to make bannock"

Anyone who knows me may or may not have just done a double take.

First: I cook. I do not bake
Second: I have never had any desire to make bannock. I made it in Girl Guides. Once. I don't remember what it tasted like. Or looked like. Other than it was bread. And I feel like we cooked it on a stick. Needless to say, I did not repeat that experience last night.

But I did make bannock. Or what I believe to be bannock. Shrug. It tasted yummie.

Then today, I made potato soup. Yep. Potato soup. Insert second double take. I don't DO soup. Not only do I not DO soup, as in eat soup, but I certainly don't MAKE soup.

UNTIL NOW. I guess the north... for lack of other things I might do (though, lets be honest, its not like I left a crazy life behind)... I have embraced my domestic side... and cooking has become my new hobby. Meh, works for me. I like to cook as is, so guess I'm just doing it when I'm bored now. Thank god I have a dishwasher!

Also, had the STRANGEST thing happen today... randomly my door bell rang in the middle of the day (nonetheless, before I took a shower heh). I answer, and it's a gaggle of children. One of them holds a key in my face and asks me if it is mine. I say "no" and they are like "do you know whose it is". I say "no". They ask if they can come in and visit. And for some reason I say yes. Maybe because I have a "no" quota.

So six kids (five boys and a girl... all seemingly cousins... around 7-10 years old) blow through my house, and exclaim how nice it is... and then proceed to hide in my closets. And I have a million closets. It was amusing at first, but they quickly wore out their welcome. But they took some really cute pictures of each other. And this is one I took of them.


Kara and Matt October 20, 2007 at 11:40 PM  

Okay- the one thing we tell all new people who move to our community is DON'T LET THE KIDS INTO YOUR HOUSE!! Here they are usually just scoping it out so they can break in later when you are out. And if you let one in, you will have 10 the next time. And we have heard stories of people who let kids in, then one day they say no and the kids start to threaten them with some pretty bad stuff that could lose them jobs and such. They will try everything here "we are cold, can we have water, can we use the phone" and we say to to them all. Now they don't even ask. So please please please be wary of the kids. I would really recommend that you don't let them in again.

Jen October 20, 2007 at 11:51 PM  

I also agree!
We have never let the kids in, but this situation might be close. I had some kids bring my dog back after he broke off his chain one night, so I rewarded them with chocolate. A few nights later they let him off the chain to "recover" him and get more chocolate, but he got away from them. Then they wanted candy anyways and got mad when I said no. SO don't give out candy either. I know that's off topic, but close situation anyways. You can make friends with the kids outside of home, but you should think of home as off limits and be weary of letting anyone in.

I also found I turned into a "Susie Homemaker" up here. I started cooking and baking more then ever! I think it's the lack of restaurants.

Jackie S October 21, 2007 at 12:08 AM  

I have no candy, so no worries. And I was pretty grumpy by the end of their tour, and straight-out told them they had worn out their welcome as they left.

No fun being the bitchy lady. Oh well.

Rob & Tina October 21, 2007 at 9:19 AM  

I was told the same thing when I moved here, and it was harder for me the first time they came to the door because they wanted to play with "my little boy". Colby got very upset with me because he thought they wanted to be friends with him. Turns out they are the "bad" kids around here. I'm also not inviting the kids around here to his birthday party (the ones from his class). Colby is such a good natured kid he would give away all his toys to anyone who asks.